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Achieve ultimate accuracy in your designs.

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Access the latest parts from the world's leading OEMs.

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Explore all the latest technologies.

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The access to *.vex files is now restricted to iBwave licensed users for intellectual property reasons.

After user authentication, public vex files can be downloaded directly from the website and do not require manufacturer authorization.

Private vex files require manufacturer authorization prior to download. Requests for access to private vex files can now be processed online by clicking on the link 'Request Access'. An authorization email is automatically sent to the manufacturer's rep who will approve or reject the request. If the request is approved, a link to 'Download private vex' will be displayed when searching for parts for this manufacturer. Approvals are valid at the company level, meaning you will get access to private vex files if your colleague has already been previously approved.

Guest access is available for non-iBwave licensed users. It gives access to the search engine and the list of parts and manufacturers that are present in the online components database However, downloading of vex files is not permitted.

List of components and equipment vendors


CommScope: Added ERA Remote units and Base Station 7834677-xxxx (Feb 02, 2021)
Amphenol Antenna Solutions: Private components: P-REP39HV-5D5S and P-REP39HV-5D24S (Feb 02, 2021)
Matsing: "Added Multi-Beam Wide Band Spherical lens antennas MS-MBA-2-L2 (EDT=0); MS-MBA-2-T2 (EDT=0); MS-20.10DBA180; MS-24H180; MS-4.2DB60; MS-18H90_CV, MS-12H180 (EDT=0deg), MS-4H60(EDT=0); and MS-6H90_EDT0 (Feb 02, 2021)
Sym Technology: Created Multi band duplexer SDPX-D-LH (Jan 29, 2021)
Cisco: Added 9500 Series switch C9500-16X-A and Outdoor Access Point AIR-AP1562i-B-K9 (Jan 29, 2021)
Matsing: Added MultiBeam antennas MS-48H180 and MS-48F90 (Jan 29, 2021)
Panduit Corp: Added TrueEdge wall mount enclosures WMExBL; Consolidation Point Enclosure CPBxxBL; Equipment Bonding Jumper GJ672UH; Universal Ground Bar UGB2/0-414-xx; Grounding Busbar kit RGRB19Y; Two-hole ESD Port Kit RGESD2-1 (Jan 29, 2021)
Amphenol Antenna Solutions: Added Passive mmWave repeaters P-REP39HV-5D5S-x / P-REP39HV-5D24S-x (Jan 25, 2021)
Laird: Added Disk Puck 5-Port 4G antenna VHP69273B22G-518A / Disk Puck 3 port 4G GPS Antenna VLT69273B2NG-518A (Jan 21, 2021)
Talley Inc: Added new manufacturer Talley Inc: passive components (Jan 21, 2021)
Matsing: Added Multi beam antenna MS-MBA-2-T2 / Added Multibeam antennas MS-8F30 and MS-8F60(Jan 14, 2021)
Ruckus: Updated: antenna patterns for six definitions: * Ruckus T750 AP (2020-12-10) * Ruckus T750 AP (On Wall) (2020-12-10) * Ruckus T750-SE AP (2020-12-10) * Ruckus T750-SE AP (On Edge) (2020-12-10) * 911-2120-0000 (2020-12-10) * 911-2120-0000 (On Edge) (2020-12-10) (Jan 14, 2021)
MICROLAB/FXR: Added Low PIM attenuators FY-xxxx models / In-line diplexers BK-2xxx and BK-3xxx (Jan 13, 2021)
NEWMAR: Updated the Universal BBU Annuciator AP-8000A to AP-8000B / Added NFPA Compliant Battery Back-Up Power PE-48V-480W-82AH (Jan 07, 2021)

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